This educational site was created by the Alumni Engagement Office at the College of Engineering in partnership with the Bryce Pilz, Director of Licensing a the Technology Transfer Office at the University of Michigan.

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This video series is comprised of 62 intellectual property (IP) videos delivered by Professor Bryce Pilz from the University of Michigan Law School. Whether you watch 1 or all 62 videos, each is designed to provide you with just-in-time IP information that fits your current situation during startup. These 3-5 minute videos are organized into five sections, with subtopics. Use the outline below to navigate the topics and videos most important to you.





Bryce PilzAs the Director of Licensing for U-M Tech Transfer, Bryce supports the Licensing Staff in working with faculty from around campus to commercialize inventions created at U-M. Bryce works closely with partners from other entrepreneurship-related programs around campus to support technology venture creation and entrepreneurship at U-M.

Prior to assuming a leadership role at U-M Tech Transfer, Bryce was faculty at U-M Law School where he co-founded the Entrepreneurship Clinic and taught courses related to IP Strategy and Venture Capital. Bryce previously practiced law at Kirkland & Ellis LLP in the firm’s intellectual property practice and clerked for the Hon. Amy J. St. Eve in the Northern District of Illinois. He has also served as Associate General Counsel at the University of Michigan, where he worked with the Office of Technology Transfer on startups and licensing. Bryce has served as a National Science Foundation I-Corps mentor and a Techstars Mentor.

Bryce is co-chair of the University of Michigan Mobility Transformation Center’s Legal & Insurance Working Group and recently authored a major publication on autonomous and connected vehicles.

Bryce received his JD from Michigan Law in 2000 and his BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan College of Engineering in 1997.

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