Leading Innovation Educational Videos

This 14-module video series on Leading Innovation is complimentary.
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Certified Professional Innovator Certificate

We offer a certification option which includes: online training, assignments, team projects, and coaching sessions. The program culminates with project pitches. A Certified Professional Innovator certification is awarded upon completion of the full program.

Practice Prismatic Thinking

Learn about the Innovation Genome—a way of thinking about and strategizing growth within yourself and your organization.

It’s time to rethink how you think about innovation—from the life cycle of a business to the sequences of growth. Learn the upsides and downsides to all the different forms of innovation.

How to Think About Growth
Sources of Innovation

Look around yourself for new sources of innovation—trends, incongruities, wildcards, outliers—and the people who can help you achieve change: leaders, adaptors, connectors, and financiers.

Learn how to set growth targets with the most potential for success. Develop an innovative mindset as you brainstorm winning ideas.

Set High Quality Targets
Enlist Deep and Diverse Domain Expertise

Find the people around you who can fill in your blind spots and help you with things you don’t know now. Assemble the high-performing team that will lead you to growth.

Accelerate the failure cycle as you run many experiments at once, discovering what works along the way. Be flexible as you feel your way toward the future.

Take Multiple Shots on Goal
Learn From Experience and Experiments

It’s time to review, revise, and repeat. Evaluate your experiments and polish them as you choose the solutions that will ensure long-term growth.

Master the strategies and processes that promote advanced creativity—from defamiliarization to syndetic thinking.

Creative Thinking
Gaining Buy-In

Learn how to find and enroll the sponsors who will turn your idea into a reality.

Evaluate your own organization’s potential to innovate and measure the value associated with the innovative processes run by your firm.

Assess to Progress
Innovation Processes

Capitalize on emerging opportunities and identify prospective sectors of growth as you learn about the two strategies of innovation: convergent and divergent innovation.

Determine the successes and failures of new ideas by putting concrete values on their inputs and outcomes.

Measuring Innovation
Connecting the Dots

Jeff DeGraff shares with you some tricks of the trade to help innovation happen in your organization.

Watch Jeff DeGraff in action as he runs a jumpstart and brainstorming session with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

Case Studies

Jeff DeGraff

The Dean of Innovation

Jeff DeGraff is Clinical Professor of Management and Organizations at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Dr. DeGraff’s research and writing focuses on leading innovation. He is coauthor of several books including Creativity at Work, Leading Innovation, Competing Values Leadership, and his most recent book Making Stone Soup.

Earn Your Certified Professional Innovator Certificate

Hone the skills that will prepare you for leading innovation in your organization:

Selecting and assessing high potential innovation leaders

Diagnosing an organization’s innovation culture and competency

Developing an innovation strategy

Building a high performing innovation team

Launching innovation projects and teams

Jumpstarting processes

Gaining buy-in for solutions

Synchronizing growth opportunities and organizational practices

Community of Practice – sharing and communicating with other participants

The certificate program will incorporate the learning from the online modules and help you successfully employ them in real work situations. Program components include:



12 week program

Group Coaching
Teleconference &
Project Review